What Would Florence Say? Intensive Care of Medicalized Children At Home

My talk featured in this webinar relates to the topic of this Blog & is entitled Support of Maternally Complex Care in Medicalized Childhood Settings: From the Trenches of Litigation

A Children’s Healthcare Canada Webinar October 15 2019

Speakers: Marcy White M.S.W., M.B.A. @MarcyFWhite Donna Thomson BFA, BEd, DTIE @Thomsod Sheila Jennings M.A., LL.B., PhD. @SheilaKJennings & Samadhi Severino M.A., PhD student @samadhimora

Florence Nightengale was a nurse most famous for raising an alarm socially and politically to relay that wounded soldiers were being being delivered poor care by overworked medical staff in the face of what she saw as official indifference. Today, publicly funded pediatric homecare programming in Ontario is identified as a setting where serious care-related problems are being encountered by mothers with complex care children. In this series of talks and discussions, four mother-advocates who have themselves provided extensive complex care at home, talk about the problems they and others have experienced. They further suggest steps that need to be taken in order to ameliorate the delivery of care at home to highly vulnerable and medically complex children in Ontario. These advocates, from diverse backgrounds, have published and spoken publicly about their concerns.

This webinar is delivered in four parts as follows:

  • What does Success Look like For Us? Should we Place Solutions in Health  Care or Community or Both? (D. Thomson)
  • Support of Maternally Complex Care in Medicalized Childhood Settings: From the Trenches of Litigation (S. Jennings)
  • Lack of Trained Staff in the Community to Nurse Kids Who Live at Home: Impacts on Families of this Health Care Failure. (M. White)
  • Building Capacity Through Policy and Lived Experiences for Children with Medical Complexity and their Families  in Ontario (S. Severino)

Re photo of the child and her mother was taken at a hearing where the mother was dealing with the issue of “whether health regulators were right to insist she get 18 hours each weekday of nursing care for her daughter, and fewer on the weekends, instead of the 24 hours her daughter’s pediatrician says are necessary.” This quotation is from an important article by by Carol Marbin Miller & The Miami Herald entitled “How Florida limits care for its most medically fragile kids” which may be found here: https://www.tampabay.com/news/how-florida-limits-care-for-its-most-medically-fragile-kids/1268935/