Sheila Kathleen Jennings

I was inspired to create Law’s Mum by two insightful Canadian Bloggers. One of them is known simply and mysteriously as ‘Claire,’ <;, (link sadly down) while the other is Donna Thomson, whose Blog “The Caregiver’s Living Room” is well known, as is she.

Law’s Mum aims to fill a gap in the Blog-Sphere. I Blog about complex care, supports, mothers, law & policy. I do this in a factual manner & I also provide critical commentaries. These have to do with of how law deals with mothers & their claims for support & recognition.

This Blog joins the other Blogs where status recognition is being fought for.

It’s my hope that Law’s Mum will be interesting to those who are curious about some of the legalities in this area of care and support law. And also to those who support the status recognition of caregivers more broadly.

I also hope Law’s Mum will be relevant to the lives & hearts of women & health care providers who do the lion’s share of medical care for medically fragile children, children with medical complexity or children who otherwise have severe disabilities or rare conditions.

A bit about myself. I’m the mother of three amazing young adults. I enjoy spending time with them & their partners. I like to read, especially autobiography & biography. I’m a Francophile who enjoys reading romantic historical fiction in French. I write poetry & I’m passionate about walking with the various dogs in my wider family. My partner & I are self-proclaimed film buffs & we both like to cook.

I am a non-practicing member of the Law Society of Ontario. I hold a Canadian and a US law degree. I have an MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University, undertaken in my 40’s. The area of my research was pediatric home care in the context of human rights & provincial experiences (with a focus on Ontario). I have a PhD from Osgoode Hall Law School with my dissertation entitled “The Right To Support: Severely Disabled Children & Their Mothers.”

I’m presently involved in several projects across Canada & I’m continually learning through projects which aim to improve the lives of mothers who provide complex care and of course of their children and families as well.

Last, but not least, I’m an advocate with and in the national leadership of Moms Stop The Harm (MSTH). MSTH is a network of Canadian Families whose loved ones have died from drug related harms or who have struggles with substance use.

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